To be able to receive PSN updates through your WordPress plugins dashboard, you have to enter your PSN CodeCanyon license code.

Single site installations

On single site installations, go the section “License” and enter your license code in the field “Premium license code”.

License tab License code


Your license code will be saved encrypted.

Multisite installations

If you want to use PSN on a WordPress multisite installation, open the page “Settings / Post Status Notifier” in your network admin section.

Network settings

There you will find the form to enter your PSN license code.

On multisite installations, the sub sites will not show the “License” tab in the PSN settings.

Where to get the license code?

You get your license code in the CodeCanyon “Downloads” section. Click the Download button and select “License certificate & purchase code”.

License code

In the downloaded text file you will find your “Item Purchase Code”. This is the one to insert into the options field “Premium license code”. From now on you will see when a new version of Post Status Notifier is available in your WordPress backend and you can download and install it directly.

License code file